Degree Programs


Degree Programs / Criteria of Doctorate Degree

 National Taiwan Normal University’s Institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology

Graduation Criteria for Doctorate Students


1.      The Examination Standards are in accord with the principles and standards for Master’s and Doctorate (P.H.D.) students as set forth by NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University).

2.      After having been successfully admitted to NTNU, P.H.D students must complete at least 18 credits worth of courses related to both Master’s and P.H.D. subject areas. In order to graduate, a minimum of 30 credits must be attained (the aforementioned 18 credits contribute towards this total) as SET forth by the NTNU Graduation Principles.  

3.      In order to be considered as a worthy candidate to graduate, the P.H.D student’s record must be in accordance with the criteria outline below:

a.       Completion of subject courses and the acquirement of the subsequent credits.

b.      Completion of IOR (The Institute of Optoelectronic Research) Master’s Degree Course or, to be initially outlined by the student in their application, credits have been attained in courses with a strong correlation to the Master’s Courses ‘Optics 1’, ‘Optics 2’, ‘Optoelectronics’ and Photoelectricity and Electromagnetism’.

c.       During the period of study, at least two articles written by the student (not taking into account any arrangements made with the assigned professor) must be published in relevant academic periodicals and these must rank in the top 30% of thesis articles published within the periodical (the pieces must be completed within a time frame that will administered to the student). In addition, at least two SCI or EI pieces must be delivered (this is based upon the assumption that more than five years of study and practical research results have already been achieved), and, once the student’s professor has recommended that they are worthy of consideration, the pieces will be sent to be examined by the Review Committee Meeting, the guidelines of which are not noted here.

a.       The student must either score Higher Intermediate or above on the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) or have an equivalent level in another internationally recognised English proficiency test. If neither of these criteria are met, the student must then complete at least two oral presentation examinations, which will be presented to, examined by and processed through an International Science Thesis Committee (This benchmark is in accordance with that set by NTNU in 1998). 

4.      Before the research student can begin to write their thesis, completion of a course regarding the academic ethics upheld by the university, which consists of an examination, is mandatory. 

5.      The P.H.D. student must fill in an oral examination form which, once consent has been given by the assigned professor, must be sent off for application. One month before this application is sent off however, the student must first send the ‘Graduate Examination Qualifications Form’ to be checked by the Office of IOR. If consent is given by the Office, the student is then able to attend the Degree examination, which is administered by NTNU. Upon passing this examination the student’s P.H.D. can be awarded.

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